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Burial Services

Burial Services refer to the actual burial of the remains, and any associated ceremonies taking place at the same time.

When this service follows a public Funeral Service, we refer to the cemetery service as the Committal Service. The Committal Service is held at the cemetery, with the clergy, and sometimes veteran’s organizations, taking part. At Evans Funeral Home, we make the option available for the family to watch, and additionally participate in, the lowering of the casket into the outer burial container. If they have selected a Sealed Burial Vault, then many times flowers will be placed on top of the casket before the vault is sealed and lowered.

The Committal Service may be held for a person that is in a casket, or following cremation, involve the burial of the cremated remains. The elements of a committal service for a person that has been cremated are similar to those described above using a casket, involving the ceremony of committal, then typically also the placing of the urn directly into the grave, or into an urn vault. As an option, we allow those present to “say “Good Bye” by assisting in the placing of the dirt back into the grave.

Burial Services also refers to those times when the initial funeral has taken place in another community or state, and now involve the remains coming back home for burial in one of the area cemeteries. Families wanting to use this option only need to contact Evans Funeral Home, and we will coordinate with the prior funeral home, or directly with family, to determine the type of burial service requested. We will then arrange all of the necessary details with cemetery and clergy, including any public notices a family may want to have placed.

While not real common in our area, Evans Funeral Home is also available to serve families requesting the “immediate burial” of their loved one. Please contact us for the details of this type of burial service.


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