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Pre-arrangement form

Pre-planning is recognized as an option to families to make important decisions in advance. Planning for the future can be an advantage to all involved when questions have been answered, and decisions have been made ahead of time.

To pre-plan funeral arrangements, an individual may begin by recording their information and thoughts in advance of meeting with a director at Evans Funeral Home. Your funeral director will review the information with you, recording the vital information that will be needed in the future to prepare the documents that are necessary. The funeral director will also review and discuss with you your service preferences. The many options to arranging a funeral will be explained so that with the help and advice of family, friends, clergy and the funeral director, most of the important decisions are taken care of. The information and service decisions will then be placed in a confidential file held at Evans Funeral Home until time of need.

Pre-planning may also include selecting a casket, burial vault, cremation urn, or other merchandise associated with the service you have chosen.

There is also the option of pre-funding services and merchandise ahead of time. Pre-funding funeral expenses creates a peace of mind knowing everything has been taken care of, including the funding. When pre-funding, 100% of the funds paid are placed in an account established in the name of the person. As the trust account grows over time, the increase of funds in the account should cover service cost increases over the same period. Methods of trusting recommended by Evans Funeral Home include the use of burial insurance policies and/or financial institution certificates of deposit.

The cost of the services and merchandise depends on the choices that were made and will be discussed as the prearrangements are being made. Itemized price lists for the services and merchandise are provided at the prearrangements.

For specific information about this service or any other related funeral questions, we are available for appointments either in your home or at our facilities. The forms located at the top of this page can be printed out, completed, and mailed or brought to Evans Funeral Home. Please contact Evans Funeral Home at the phone numbers listed above, or by email Carrington: evansfuneralhome@daktel.com or New Rockford: evansfuneralhome@gondtc.com 


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