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Memorial Services

To begin this section with a definition seems a little direct, but it is important to determine what a Memorial Service really is. Historically, it has been assumed that a Memorial Service was a service held to commemorate a life, without the body present in a casket. Today, with ever changing options to meet the requests of families, we are seeing that a more accurate definition is required. At Evans Funeral Home, we list any service that has the remains of the deceased present as a Funeral. If the casket contains the body, or if an urn contains the cremated remains, if the service involves remains, it is a Funeral. If by the request of the family, or the decedent, there are NO remains present, then that service is called a Memorial Service.

Our mission at Evans Funeral Home is to serve every family with compassion & attention to the many details involved in every service. We assist families in the process of having a service that best dignifies and respects their loved one, be that a simple or elaborate service. We believe that even though funerals and memorial services are held because someone has died, the service is really about the fact that they lived!

While the following information describes certain types of services, please remember that Evans Funeral Home will help you with any type or style of service. The service that best meets your needs is the one we will assist you in holding.

If we have been requested to have the remains present, the Funeral will have elements of service provided very similar to those of a “Traditional Service” as listed on a previous page. Typically, the family will have the decision how those remains will be presented, be it in a casket, a rental casket for service prior to cremation, or in an urn, following cremation prior to the service.

If we have been requested to not have any remains present, we will work with the family to provide a service reflective of the life and personality of the individual.

Memorial Services may yet include a day of “Visitation”. This term means a time for the family, friends, and the general community to stop by the funeral home and pay their respects. This action may include simply signing the register book, enjoying the flower arrangements, and viewing photos and other personal memorabilia displayed. In some communities, members of the family are present during a short time designated as Visitation. The tradition at Evans Funeral Home is that with the longer amount of time provided, the family will be present during some of the Visitation hours, but it is not certainly not expected that they would continually be at the funeral home.

As previously mentioned, a Funeral Service is generally of religious nature, usually held in a local church and lead by that congregation’s clergy. The service is planned with the involvement of family, funeral director and clergy. A funeral service should be reflective of the life of the deceased, be of comfort to family and friends, and be in keeping with the guidelines of the individual church and clergy. Families are encouraged to take an active role in the selections of music, scripture readings, and many of the other aspects of the service. At the conclusion of the funeral service, the casket containing the body of the deceased is transported to one of many local cemeteries for the committal or burial service, or if cremation is requested following the funeral, that procedure would next be accomplished.

A Memorial Service can have those same religious elements listed above. These service could also be without clergy, and/or held at other locations, such as Baseball parks, Veteran’s halls, Lakes, or any other location as arranged.

The important thing to remember is that while there is a natural tendency to think and say, “This is my service and I will decide what is done for me”, it is very important to remember that Memorial & Funeral Services are held to celebrate a life lived that has now come to an end, and in doing so, all services are held for the comfort and grief support of the family and friends.

At Evans Funeral Home, we make available a General Price list to families at the beginning of the service arrangement process. We assist people in planning services that are not only reflective of the life lived by the deceased, and of emotional comfort to them, but also with understanding of the financial aspects of these services as well.


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