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Micheal Bauer

Micheal (Mike) Frederick Bauer, age 62, of San Francisco, California passed away on July 31, 2020 after a short battle with cancer.

Micheal was born on August 9, 1957. He was the only child of Dorothy and Merle Bauer.

He graduated from Carrington High School and Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota followed by Southern California College of Optometry at Fullerton, California.

Upon graduation, Micheal decided to make California his home.  His decision to move to San Francisco was based not only on his love for the beauty of the city but also his respect for the diverse population.

Micheal worked in the interior design industry for 36 years.  Based in San Francisco, he worked in sales on a national level and traveled throughout the United States and Canada. He attended trade shows on a regular basis, including the annual show in Paris and textile mills in France, Switzerland and Italy.

His most recent employment was with the highly respected Glant Textiles, where he served as the company’s National Sales Manager. Throughout his career, Micheal was a natural mentor to many and was highly respected in his field. His ability to relate to all he met and instantly gain their trust was a gift he was well known for.

Micheal, along with his partner of 21 years, Mario Herrada, shared a great passion for international travel, art exhibits and music. Traveling to countries around the world enabled them to make friends across foreign borders, especially Italy. His music taste included his love for David Bowie and the Rolling Stones as well as season tickets to the San Francisco Opera.

Micheal followed politics closely on both the local and national level and proudly supported the Democratic Party. His love for nature led him to become a member of the World Wildlife Fund and the Wilderness Society.

Micheal is survived by his mother, Dorothy Bauer, and his life partner, Mario Herrada. He was preceded in death by his father, Merle Bauer.

Micheal touched the lives of many with his smile and trademark sense of humor. He truly cared about people and had a heart of gold. God bless his memory.

Funeral Service: Private Family Service

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about Micheal’s passing!! He was a great person and a terrific neighbor! I always respected Mike how he respected and took care of his beloved parents over the years! He will be greatly missed!!

  2. The Bauer Family were very dear to us. We had many great times with Merle and Dorothy traveling to games together. We got to know & love Mike over the years and he also became very dear to us. He was a great friend, and we will miss him so much. We always loved hearing about his travels and adventures. We also got to know Mario these past few years, and we are so grateful that we did. We know that Mike can now experience God’s promises first hand. May he rest in peace.

    Steve & Jane Metzger

  3. I was deeply saddened to hear the news of Mike’s passing. He and I spent a lot of time joking around and getting into trouble in band in high school. Seems like whenever he was home visiting we always ran into each other and had a good laugh. I will miss his smiling face along with many memories. Rest In Peace my good friend!

  4. I am so sad to learn of Mike’s passing. My prayers go out to Dorothy and Mike’s loving partner. I loved visiting with Mike when he came back to Carrington to see his parents. May God look with favor upon him and grant him eternal peace! Mike knew me as Pastor Susan.

  5. I am so sorry to hear of Mike’s passing. He was one of the kindest souls I have known. His love and devotion to Merle and Dorothy was wonderful to see. I am certain he will be missed by many whose lives he touched and he was unaware of his impact. Prayers and hugs to Dorothy at this time of loss.

  6. Our prayers and love to Dorothy at this sad time. We never got to know Micheal except to see him with Merle and Dorothy when he would be home for visits and see his love and devotion to them. So very sorry to his loved ones for this loss to the world.

  7. My heart is saddened To hear that Mike has passed away.
    I knew Mike from high school and we shared a love for the same music and that we were only children. Both of which provided endless conversations!
    The last time I saw Mike I told him that he was one of my favorite people on the planet, and I meant it. I will miss running into him when he came back for visits, his smile, and his kind spirit . Every time I hear a Bowie song I will remember you my friend. Condolences to all that mourn his passing.

  8. It was always a pleasure seeing Michael come visit Merle and Dorothy. There was nothing but smile from the three of them. I am sure Merle and MIchael will be watching over Dorothy. Rest in Peace Michael.

  9. I will truly miss your visits when you came back to Carrington. You will be missed by all you knew.

  10. So saddened to hear of Mike’s passing. Have nothing but good memories of my cousin. Remember sitting on the living room floor playing PIG and laughing. So many good times when he and his parents came to visit. Was always hoping he would make it for the Bauer Reunion. Love you cousin❤️😢

  11. I have struggled with the news of Mike’s passing since i first heard a few weeks ago. He was the best of us and i have shed many tears since then. He was a big influence in my life as a young girl as i am sure he was for many throughout his life. His sense of humor was just like his Dad’s. He loved to tease. He was so kind just like his Mom. He had charisma.
    I can attest to his love for Bowie and the Stones. We spent many nights in his parents basement listening to them. 1978 he and i saw the Stones in Chicago at Soldier Field which was so memorable for both of us.
    In 1986 we both lived in New York City and it was so wonderful to spend quality time with him in a great city before he moved to San Fransisco.
    Mike i love you and will miss u.

  12. Mike was a dear devoted friend to me. We shared a passion for the Interior Design world, politics and our love of family. Our friendship began 26 years ago and remained to the end. Mike always shared his vast knowledge of textiles with everyone. He was a soft spoken elegant man, impeccably dressed and left you with a beautiful feeling after being in his presence. Condolences to Mario and the Bauer Family.

  13. Mike was cosmopolitan even back in high school. As Penne said he had the best traits of Dorothy and Merle. I can still remember Merle’s teasing and Micheal’s patience. Dorothy, I am so sorry. My heart breaks for you.

  14. I grew up a 1/2 block away from Michael, Merle and Dorothy. We had a great neighbor, lots of kids. Everyone got along. Merle would pitch baseball for us. They were the perfect All American family and raise a great son in Micheal. Merle always used to say he and Dorothy never had an argument during their married life. I worked with Merle for 5 years at the Foster County Independent where he ran a printing press. Micheal was his pride and joy. Whenever I ran into Micheal in Carrington he was always happy, smiling, cheerful. He had a wonderful life. Gone too soon. RIP.

  15. I was so sorry to hear of Micheal’s death. I knew his family well, and I had Micheal as a student when I taught at the high school. We have kept in touch since he left especially when he came home to visit his mother.He was a very special person. WE will miss him.

  16. I am still in shock after learning of Mike’s passing. I had the good fortune of forming a friendship with Mike during our freshman year at Concordia and experienced firsthand his kindness and a prank or two as well. I agree with Penne that he was the best of us and I know I became a better person through knowing him. My deepest condolences to Dorothy and Mario.

  17. I was so sorry to hear of Mike’s passing. We were good friends in high school and went to Fargo to see Grand Funk Railroad together. I admit I did not keep in touch after I moved from Carrington after graduating high school. It sounds like he had a wonderful life and loving partner. My thoughts are with Dorothy and Mario. Just seeing his photo brings a smile to my face.


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