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John Frappier

John Frappier, 66, passed away on March 26th, 2022, in Fargo, ND, under the care of Hospice of the Red River Valley and Maple View Memory Care.

Born in Kensal, ND, and raised in McHenry, ND, John proudly and regularly proclaimed his blessing to grow up a farm kid from a little town.  John’s life work made him a nationally and internationally renowned expert in his field, but he never forgot his humble roots and the lessons learned on the fields and the prairies of the family farm.

John was one of six children to Alfred and Joann Frappier.  As the eldest of five competitive brothers and one sister-princess, John epitomized the role of eldest, demonstrated by being bossy, adventurous, and pioneering, but mostly fiercely protective and loving.

He was an accomplished athlete, excelling in basketball and baseball.  John was a good student, but it was hard to foresee that passion until his immersion in exercise science.

John attended and completed his undergraduate degree from Mayville State University, where years later in 1998, he would be recognized by the university with the Distinguished Alumni Award.  With his degree in hand, John began what would be lifetime dedication to students and athletes by venturing into the high school teaching and coaching ranks at Leeds High School, Leeds, ND.  The call to higher education pulled John to Lawrence, Kansas, and his beloved Jayhawks at the University of Kansas.

With a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, John embarked on a career that influenced athletes of all ages and abilities.  The beginnings of a career in exercise science, athlete training and education, began at the Southgate Racquet Club in Fargo, ND.

In 1986, John was invited to Moscow as a consultant at the Goodwill Games.  With insights and ideas garnered from elite athletes in that forum, the “mad scientist” in John revealed itself.  Over the next several decades, he would invent dozens of performance-improving patented and unpatented innovative programs, techniques, devices, and running treadmills, including a hockey skating treadmill.

In collaboration with Red River Valley Sports Medicine, John was able to expand and grow his programs.  Years later, John formed Frappier Acceleration Sports Training (FAST) and initiated and supported over 155 training sites throughout the world, helping athletes achieve unparalleled improvements in their physical performance.  John’s work impacted literally thousands of athletes from all over the world, of all ages and abilities, including professional athletes from all fields of sport.

In 2019, John was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, subsequently followed by a cancer diagnosis.  His final years were spent in the compassionate and professional care of the staff at Maple View Memory Care.

John would have wanted to acknowledge Wendy Granum, whom he married. Although their relationship ended, John treasured their years together.

John is survived by his siblings, brothers Tom (Nicki), Skip, Kaylin (Terri), all of Fargo, ND, Kyle (Jeanne), McHenry, ND, and sister Kolette (Dan), Bismarck, ND.  John is lovingly remembered by his extended family, friends, co-workers, and colleagues.

John was preceded in death by his loving parents, Alfred and Joann.

In lieu of flowers memorials may be made to either; The John Frappier Memorial Scholarship Fund at Mayville State University – www.mayvillestate.edu/Frappier or Hospice of the Red River Valley.


A Visitation will be held Thursday, April 7th, 1:00PM – 7:00PM with a Rosary Service at 7:00PM followed by a Vigil Service at 7:20PM all at Evans Funeral Home, Carrington.

 John’s Mass of Christian Burial will be Friday, April 8, 2022 at 10:30AM at Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church, McHenry, ND.

His Burial will be at the Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery, McHenry, ND.

Posted Condolences:


  1. I got to know John at college where he was a star in school and a great friend outside of class. He excelled in the academics and in the social side of college. Before I really got to know him I thought he was this bookish snob that would have nothing to do with someone that didn’t excell in class, or even care to. But I learned quickly that he was one of the most accessable people on campus. He fit into every crowd. He could hold his own with the summa cum laudes as well as the summa cum luckies like me. When he graduated I told him I was going hang onto his shirt tails because I knew he was going to do something great. I followed him on his meteoric rise to success and fame and I told everyone who would listen that he was my great friend and of course most didn’t believe someone as smart as him wouldn’t hang around a person like me. That was alright because I knew better. I loved him for the friend he was and all the great times we spent together. May God be with you in your time of berievement. He was a member of a great family.

  2. I was so saddened to hear of John’s passing. He always was very personable and polite whenever I ran into him in McHenry. My sympathies and prayers to his entire family.

  3. This is, truly, one of those times where words cannot come close to adequately convey the incredible sadness I feel hearing the news of John’s passing. The summer after my father died, when I was 15, the amateur baseball team in New Rockford had me participate as a fill-in player. Being a teammate of John, Tim & Gary Guler, Larry Arnedt, Ron Waggoner. An incredible group of guys and some of the best times of my life. I truly idolized John, and feel both honored and blessed to be able to say I was a teammate of his for 8 years. And equally great memories with Kyle & Kaylin in Carrington. I have always held the entire Frappier family in the highest regard. My deepest condolences to all who knew and loved John.

  4. Very sad that John has passed on. Even though he was one of the “older kids” and three grades ahead of me in McHenry School, he was always kind to me. I really looked up to him and admired him, and was flattered that he’d spend time talking with me or tossing a baseball or shooting baskets with me. “If only I could be as cool as John Frappier…” I often thought to myself. My heart goes out to the Frappier family; they are an amazing family. I adored his parents and counted John’s many siblings as good friends when I lived back home. May we always remember John as the smiling, dapper-dressed, physically splendid, friendly fellow that we knew.

  5. Condolences to the family. We remember John fondly.

  6. John was an old friend and buddy.. we played Legion Baseball and Amateur
    Baseball together and became great friends… he was a stud athlete and always the Best looking guy in the room!!! Actually went to see him a few months ago and he said what are you doing here Doug… old memories I guess…Will miss him…

  7. John was a true friend and had a passion for sports and all people, he will be missed.

  8. It has been many years since seeing John but remember him much like all the condolences have mentioned. Fun, athletic and driven to success. I had little knowledge of the significant impacts throughout his life. Very hard to see what he had had to endure the past few years. God be with all his family and friends.

  9. I’m sorry to hear of John’s passing. I met him many years ago and he was so kind. Many prayers to the family.

  10. I’m saddened to hear of John’s passing, he was a great friend, athlete and even a better person.
    My condolences to his family, I know how much you all meant to him.

  11. We remember John with fondness and love. Wendy and John were our neighbors for many years. We shared “cocktail hour” with a glass of wine and walks down our country road. John was always there whenever we needed anything. I can still see him driving his John Deere tractor mowing his lawn…fly high my friend until we all meet again

  12. John Frappier’s contribution to the world of sports science is immeasurable. The understanding of the human body and application to training that he personally invented is revolutionary at minimum. I was personally able to learn from him these methods and the science behind their reasoning. It was elegant and beautiful how he combined human physiology with physics to maximize human potential. His legacy in this space is under appreciated by the general training community.

    Beyond his genius, he was a kind and nice man who seemed dedicated to his principles and core values as a person. He treated those around him with respect and dignity. I’m sorry to his family for the loss.

  13. Heart felt sympathy for all of Johns family and close friends. We were all proud to say he was from our home town.

  14. John will be remembered by many. I had the privilege of getting to know John while working at FAST in Fargo. Me being fresh out of college, John was willing to teach me so much with his wealth of knowledge in the field and in life. That experience has helped me in so many aspects in my career. Great man, gone too soon. My thoughts and prayers go to the entire family.

  15. Rest In Peace John, gone to soon. I had the luxury of knowing John when he was just starting out as an exercise physiologist. His program helped jump start my career as It branched out across the country and he will be remembered by the many athletes and individuals that his science based program touched. Prayers to the Frappier Family and that John is now at peace.

  16. We were so sad to learn of John’s passing. He was a wonderful, gifted person who definitely made this world a better place. We treasure many special memories of times spent with John over the years when he and our son, Stephen, worked together. Thank you, God, for your gift of John to all of us. Sending our love, prayers, and deepest sympathy to all of his family members.

  17. Frappier Family,
    My heartfelt condolences to all of you. I first met John playing amateur baseball with him in Carrington and he soon became my inspiration to one day start a sports acceleration program here in town which I finally did a year ago. I remember him as a very kind and very intelligent man. His knowledge and hard work continue to improve athletic performance around the world. I am so sorry for your loss.

  18. There is a Native American proverb that states they are not dead who live in the hearts they leave behind. May this bring peace to his family and friends as they navigate their grief. I had the privilege growing up watching John and his brothers play fastpitch softball with my dad on the Moose Lodge team. I often got to share a catch with John or hang out in the dug out as the batgirl, where I was privy to many interesting stories. Later, I participated in the Frappier Acceleration Program during middle and high school. He always made it fun even when he pushed me to point where I thought I might pass out or vomit. My session partners were often just guys and he would jokingly say, “Ang, are you going to let these boys beat you.” I am sure there are many student athletes that share very similar stories. What a gift to have touched the lives of so many!

  19. I’m sorry to hear of John’s passing. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Frappier family. I have many great memories of John working with and for him at Acceleration Products, Inc. John gave me my first job out of college as a rep for his amazing Acceleration Training Program. Lots of hard work and laughs and I’ll always remember him as a true Paradigm buster of immense magnitude in the world of athlete performance enhancement. May John rest easy now.

  20. I had the honor and pleasure of doing stories on John and his amazing acceleration training program while I was a sports writer and sports editor for The Forum newspaper.
    John was a genuinely nice guy and a very smart man. He will be missed.

  21. To the entire Frappier family – our condolences.

    John meant a lot of things to a lot of people and his passing will only expose the enormity of the difference he made in the lives of others. All four of our children participated in the program John so successfully developed, on more than one occasion, and all would attest that they benefited greatly in the sports in which they participated. He was a good, humble man with outstanding qualities and his success in life was only a small portion of who he really was. John always had time for you and always wanted to know how you and your family were doing. He had a way of making you feel important and that is a testament to how he was raised and where he was raised. He was one-of-a-kind, taken from this life much too soon and will be missed by everyone whose lives he touched.

    I am just sorry I am unable to attend John’s service and most regrettably, reconnect with the family I hold dear to my heart. I pray you all find comfort and peace in the arms of those you love. Your family is in our thoughts, and we send you all our sincerest love and condolences.

    Family of Dori and Greg Messer

  22. I will always remember the countless times John and I spent together dreaming and designing and so often redesigning ideas and machines to help move the athletic limits a little bit higher. His mind was never satisfied with just good. I miss our interactions and his company.

  23. Dear Frappier family,
    I’m so sorry I can’t join you in this celebration of John’s life. He meant so much to so many people!
    Know you’re in our thoughts and prayers …

  24. It’s hard to believe another one of our precious classmates has died. We previously mourned the loss of Nathan Thompson and Steven Becker – and now John.

    Our graduating class of 13 people were blessed with the presence of John throughout our 12 years. While we grew up, John and I were inseparable. We played baseball, basketball, hunted together, stayed at each others homes, played in band, and shared many a laugh. John’s graduation speech was one for the ages, displaying his wit and charm. The barn shown on the worship service folder conjures up so many memories of basketball games in the hay mow. The Frappier barn was one of several barns in the area were we honed our skills amidst the hay bales. It was such a pleasure playing basketball and baseball with him.

    Of course, there was a bit of jealousy among the boys in our class when John drove to school one day in his brand new Chevy Nova. Of course, this also drew the attention of the girls – which, in retrospect, may have been ample reason for the purchase!

    John was not only a natural leader, he was one who defiantly stood up to bullying behavior. I’ll never forget the day a superintendent (to be unnamed) began to chastise John for some unknown reason as we left school one day. The superintendent began to hit and shove John backward…until John finally stood his ground, rose up and shoved him right back. The Sup instantly realized he was no match for this strong farm kid and never bothered John again.

    That incident was indicative of John’s intolerance for injustice. He cherished fairness and kindness. As a very benevolent person, he loved teaching and helping others. I cherish the time he and I coached the 6th Grade basketball teams, helping those youngsters hone basic skills. Years later, our family visited John at his facility in Fargo. As basketball and track athletes, our kids were interested improving their performances. John graciously showed them exercise techniques they could use.

    But, most importantly, it was an honor to call John my friend. My heart goes out to the rest of the Frappier family. As I remember John, I cannot forget your mother and father (Alf & Joann), and the warm and caring household they provided for everyone, assuring a firm foundation of love for all who entered their home.

    Though LeAnn and I will not be able to attend the service, please know that our prayers of comfort and peace will be with you.

    Rest eternal grant John, O Lord; and let light perpetual shine upon him.

  25. I met John at KU where he was a grad student and teaching a fitness class — no surprise. I was fortunate to get to know the entire family. Parents Alf and Joann were so warm and welcoming. Tom, Skip, Kaylin and Terri, Kyle, Kolette — you all included me as one of your own. A tighter knit, bonded and fun-loving, competitive family there never was. I now have three adult sons who all play baseball and are very tight and competitive, just like all the Frappiers.

    I am sick and saddened beyond words to hear this news and am thankful to Kaylin making sure I was notified. John was very special to me. I was so glad to hear of his success in the sports training world. His focus and knowledge and passion to make a difference is a testament to the success he had.

    My very heartfelt thoughts and love to all in John’s family…. I am sorry I cannot be there to see and hug all of you but please know my heart is with you at this time.

    Much love — Jeannie

    P.S. Rock Chalk Jayhawk John!

  26. I met John at the Professional (White) Building downtown Fargo back when Sports Medicine, PTOT, and Frappier Acceleration were all together. We hit it off immediately and I remember John and I competing against his brothers. He would always push me to new heights telling me I was lifting as much as someone half my age. I had a chance to visit John at the memory care facility and as always he was the kind, happy, and fun to be with person I remember. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

  27. just heard the news today…kinda lost in a fog thinking about all the wonderful moments with John Frappier/FAST/PTOT and Associates/RRV Sports Medicine…John was always always so kind and warm and thoughtful. Bottomless cup of coffee in his hand…i dealt/deal with a severe knee injury dating back to college FB…But if I’d never been injured, I might never have met so many including John Frappier. John would let me rehab/work out at Frappier Acceleration…kept a close eye on me…i was frequently stunned and amazed by his inventions, his intelligence, innovation, dedication, accomplishments, travel, associates and that he never forgot where he came from. He’d be in some far off locale making a presentation, rubbing elbows with the world’s greatest athletes etc but when he got back his conversations were almost always about home, farm and friends. Always So affable. So smart. So kind. I’m so very sorry for his loss. May the Lord bless him and keep him forever and ever Amen.

  28. John was a great guy and a great friend in college at Mayville State. We reconnected in later years when we both became businessmen. He once said to me, “ Dave, did you ever think we’d both be talking business like this together someday?” He was a very successful businessman and I was proud to know him but he always remained true to himself and his Friends. He was the same John Frappier I knew in college. Condolences to his family and to all of us that knew him and what a simply great human being that he was.

  29. I just heard about John’s passing. I am so sorry for your loss.
    Although John was only at Mayville one year that I was there, he made a lasting impression. I was always proud to say I knew him and the entire Frappier family.
    I watched the vigil and could sense the love, appreciation, and respect not only for John, but the entire family.
    It would have been fun back in the day to have a coed team of Frappier guys and Phillips girls.

    Rest In Peace, John. Your legacy will live on.


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