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Erich Stephen Longie was born April 29, 1953 to Mercie Jerome and Stephen Longie in Devils Lake, ND.  Erich passed away on July 9, 2024 at his home in Fort Totten, ND.

The day my father passed away and my family looked to me to write his obituary, I left my father’s home after the ambulance personnel carried him out of his home for the last time and came home.  After hours of thinking of my dad and how much I’m going to miss him and I started writing and reading his book he never got to finish.  After a long night of writing and reading I went to bed.  When I woke up in the morning I was thinking to myself “you know who would tell my dad’s story better than me is my dad himself”.  So, with that being said here is a few lines from his book and we have more chapters printed out at the funeral and hopefully I can finish his book and get everyone copies. 

“I was born in Devils Lake, North Dakota, in 1953.  During my infant and toddler years, I lived in the East End.  The East End was the eastern part of the reservation where my dad grew up.  But most of my memories are in Crow Hill, where my mom was born and raised.  My mom and my dad separated when I was a toddler.  In Crow Hill, we lived in a two-bedroom frame house; part of it was a frame house; part was a log cabin with a porch attached to it.  I remember it being warm and cozy.  We had a kerosene stove with three burners, which we cooked on.  I remember the older kids going to school and wondering where they went.

We explored all the trees and hills within a five-mile radius and played many games to keep us occupied in the evening.  We ran around the woods, went to the lake, and swam.  I remember my auntie, on my dad’s side, stayed with us.  We called her Auntie Abu.  She inserted a lullaby Dakota word, “Abu,” mothers used to sing to their babies when they wanted to sleep.  “Abu, Abu… go to sleep…”  She slept on the floor behind the kerosene stove because it was warm, and her thakoza (grandchild) would sleep with her.  Back then, the adults would talk in Dakota all the time.  It was a good life.  I didn’t have a care in the world.

We always had lots of dogs, and they stayed outside no matter how cold it became.  My stepdad had built a shelter for them using angle iron from an old iron bed.  I tripped and fell right on the edge of the angle iron, and its sharp edge cut a deep gash right next to my nose.  The rip became a huge scar that is still noticeable today.  We did not run to the clinic when sick or hurt; we just toughed it out.”

Erich is survived by his loving wife, Darlene Longie; children: Angie Longie & Children Erica Longie, Angela Young, Dion Young, MorningStar Young, Erich Longie Jr & Children Raelyn Longie, Kylia Longie, Silas Longie, Juneau Longie, Marshall Longie, Marie & Children Ashlynn Jetty, Valerie Longie, Brooklyn Longie, Marshawn Longie, Carter Martin-Longie, Jerrin Martin, Ryan Longie, Cassie & Children Anna Longie, Joel Longie, Aakia Longie; siblings: Corwin Longie, Marshall Pete Longie & Marcella & children, Chris Nelson & Caroline & children, Bernadette Punky Brown & Craig & children and Tom Brown; adopted children:  LJ Trottier, Mark Urvand, Dale Alberts, Phillip Alberts, George Alberts, Maurice Alberts, Roger Baker, Justin Kraft and Monte Fassett; step children: Bruce Wallace – LeRoy Wallace – Delano Wallace – Evan Wallace – A’reta Tom.

Pallbearers: LJ Trottier ~ Mark Urvand ~ Dale Alberts ~ Phillip Alberts ~ Justin Kraft ~ Vincent Hinojos ~ Leroy Wallace ~ Anthony Longie ~ Darcy Longie ~ Craig Brown Jr.

Honorary Bearers: Carol Davis & Isadore Gourneau, Dana Trickey, Tamara St John, Diane Derosier, Donna & Pat Brown, Emerson BullChief, Jeanie Borchert, Brent Hanson, Curt Hanson, Roger “busty” Mckay, Dan Cavanaugh, AnnMarie Demars, Donna WhiteBuffalo, Lili Demarce, Judy Rieke, Arlene Krulish, Tony & Arlene Azure, Tracy Lesperance, Bob & Lois Rainbow, Dave & Diana Young, Denise Lajimodiere, Carty Monette, Loretta Delong, Michelle Lundberg-Tate & family, Rocky Dauphanias, Phillip “skip” Longie & family, Breanne Hinojos, All THPO friends, also all the Counts family that took him in and he took like his family.  Erich had many friends and co-workers he has met throughout his life. If we forgot to mention any names, please forgive us. It wasn’t intentional, as this is a very difficult and sorrowful time for our family.

Military Honors: VFW Post #6547, Fort Totten, ND and North Dakota Marine Funeral Honors Team.


Erich’s Visitation will be Monday, at 5:00PM followed by a Prayer Service at 7:00PM all at Crow Hill Rec. Center, Fort Totten.

Friends wishing to join the procession from New Rockford to Ft. Totten may gather on the St. Jerome’s road, Fort Totten, prior to 4:15PM.

A Final Review will be held Tuesday, July 16, 2024, 10:00AM followed by a Funeral Service at Crow Hill Rec. Center, Fort Totten.

His Burial will be at the St. Thomas Episcopal Cemetery, Ft. Totten, ND.

Posted Condolences:


  1. Prayers to the family. May Eric rest in peace.

  2. prayers for Erich tiyospaye a friend I ‘ll always remember always has something to say to me rest in peace my friend. May Tunkasina guide you home no more suffering your without pain now my friend.

  3. Rest in peace Deksi.

  4. your grand daughter will always love and miss you “Papa” you’ll always be her (Papa)

  5. Prayers and condolences go out to our relative/elder Erich. He was a someone to look up to and a good relative. Rest in God’s care.Toksa Ake. Mitakuyapi

  6. Sincere condolences and prayers to his family. R.I.P.

  7. Fly High!
    I can just imagine the stories being told by you and Don “War Club” Hart!

  8. Thank you for sharing an excerpt from your Dad’s book. I look forward to reading it when you finish it. Many prayers of comfort going to Mr. Longie’s family.

  9. I got to know Erich after his son Joel died. Joel was a student of mine at DLHS. I enjoyed visiting with Erich when I would see him. He always thanked me for remembering Joel’s birthday & date of death. I would send him cards for those days so he’d know Joel wasn’t forgotten. Erich & Joel will be in my heart.

  10. sending my sincere condolences to Bunny, Marshal, and the whole family He was a good man always smiling may he rest in peace 🙏🏽♥️🙏🏽♥️🙏🏽♥️

  11. Condolences to his family, RIP my Buddy.

  12. RIP Erich,

    Condolences to the Families

  13. Our sincere prayers and condolences to Erich’s Family and Friends and all who loved and respected him. We went to highschool with Erich in Maddock. I always enjoyed his strong convictions and the patience to discuss them with me. Not always in agreement but that is what made those discussions so great. I was even able to win a few. (or atleast I thought I did.) His accomishments are to be proud of. Dr. Erich Longie, fly high.

  14. sending my condolences to Bunny, Marshall and the whole family. Prayers and hugs to you all. Rest in Peace Erich!!

  15. To Dr. Longie’s family: Erich loved his boys and family more than anything. His life was nothing without you all. He always spoke highly of each of you and loved you dearly. I always appreciated his deep thinking and the time we spent working together and making things better for students. His friendship and scholarship will be missed. My deepest condolences.

    Wayne Trottier Jr.

  16. I was so honored to know you, You were an encourager, always had a smile! well hugs an Condolences to your family, you will be greatly missed.

  17. sending prayers 🙏🏼 he was a very kind man will be missed

  18. 💗 RIP HOBO JOE!

  19. Erich is memorable for many things, but I will always remember his passion for his family and work, his compassion, and his generosity. He loved good conversations and good stories. He always had a smile and a positive attitude. Once you met Erich, he was a friend. My heart goes out to all his family and friends. He was a great man. With sincere condolences.

  20. I first want to say my heart goes out to all your family, big hugs to everyone.
    I apologize that I couldn’t make it up there to pay my respects in person, so today I jumped on my bike and took a photo of Uncle Erich, it’s the one where he has his Marine cap on and I rode up the mountain.
    As I rode I had this overwhelming feeling that he was dancing. That made me smile.
    I found a cool spot on a point that overlooked everyone. There I placed his Picture, and sat for a while.
    Unc, thanks for all the lessons, and laughs, thanks for answering all my questions, thanks for sharing all your stories of your youth, thanks for taking my calls in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep,
    You have made such an impact on our lives down here, you will be greatly missed!
    To one awesome dude, who would always mention his sons and grandchildren in all our conversations, I stand up and say Thank you from the Young family.
    Rest In Peace Uncle Erich
    Dave Young

  21. Bunny Marshall and Erich’s loving family: I am so saddened for you all. What a remarkable man Erich was! I am so honored to have called him a friend. I went to school with him in Maddock and we reconnected a few years ago. Marshall if you finish his book I would really wish to get a copy. He shared some excerpts from it with me and I really am interested. My oldest daughter homeschooling her children and Erich shared lots of history and references with us for ND history. She is really interested in the native language and Erich was helping out with that. His amazing legacy is something for you all to cherish and pass along. Fly high with the angels Erich. We will really miss you and your knowledge. God bless you all!!

  22. Wopida deksi – for always being a good relative and making me proud of the family I come from at Spirit Lake. Thank you for the support and the good words.


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